Monday, April 10, 2017

1861 Blog-Kaylee Terrell

Dear Ma and Pa,
July 21, 1861
A day I'll never forget
On the 16th the union army had maybe 37,000 men. We aimed to cut the railroad and then move into Richmond, and that's when things went horribly wrong.Somehow the Confederacy knew and had 22,000 troops in an 8 mile long line on one side of Bull Run Creek.
The 21st....the day I truly saw blood shed.General McDowell put us across the creek and we were instructed to crash into the South. To air-up Ma and Pa, I was scared, terrified even. I was amazed at the cockiness of some men Pa. They went and collected souvenirs instead of fighting! They were so sure that we were going to win, but don't worry Pa, I remembered what you told me. I'm doing this for our country, you and Ma, and in order to abolish slavery. A man called "Stonewall", as I heard other men call him, was in the middle holding together the 8 mile line. The south had a counter attack and so many more South soldiers showed up on horseback. So many people were hurt and so many died from not only our side, but also the South.We reported 2,896 casualties from the North. I saw men die right before my very eyes Ma. We lost this battle, but I know we're going to win the war. We have God on our side. I love you Ma, and you too Pa. I'll be the man you both raised me to be.

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