Thursday, April 20, 2017

1862 Battle Map-Lee Seelig-Corporal Thomas Ward Jr.-Blog 1862

I drafted this map of all the battles in the past year to shed some light on our tactical people as to benefit both our soldiers and the anxious citizens back home. As you can see, our situation in the East is not extremely encouraging as we are at a critical stage in the war with the Southern rebels. We need to improve our armies at all level from the training of the rank and file soldiers to the strategical prowess of our generals if we are to crush Lee and his buffoons. We must IMPROVE if we are to stop losing critical situations. I want to highlight the bright spot of my analysis; our situation in the Western states and territory is positive. We must continue our holy fight for abolition. Victory to God's Legion! Victory to the Union! Death to the South! Freedom to the Slaves! Sanctus Abolitionem!

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