Monday, April 24, 2017

1863 - Jeannette

The screams of the wounded almost overpower the silence of the dead
So many lay crying, but far more lay still
too still
The carnage of the battle is seen for miles
I take a final view of my surroundings
So many of my men lay among the fallen
their screams echo in my ears
One scream from my left, another from my right
falling, falling,
My ears ring as we start running
Retreating to the center of town
It's times like these
when all hope is lost,
when the gunfire is upon us like hail
when the crack of thunder matches the crack of gunfire
and crack the resolve of our men to hold fast
the tactics. My brain surprises me with it's use
we must follow orders
we must persevere
and as the gunpowder turns the world white
and the sour smell poisons the land
While the horrific scenes behind us
poisons the mind
As we charge into
the midst of battle

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