Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment - Jeannette Tyler

This war is to fight the absolute horrors of slavery, and to end the poor suffering of people, who have no reason to be suffering. Are we all not creatures of the Lord? All brethren? We should treat the blacks with respect, not this unjust enslavement. I am Bruce Stanton, captain of God's Legionnaires, and we shall fight in a war against the traitors, so the slaves of the said traitors shall no longer have to suffer. We will take down slavery in a swift blow, knocking all southern advances to attack into the dust. Their batteries of artillery, their rifles, their cavalry, will all be blown away by the sheer willpower of the north for freedom. Shall we all be joyous beneath the Lord's great sky, and let other humans, other creatures, wish for the eternal embrace of death, no more. As the leader, my regiment will wipe the sin of slavery off the planet, and be done with this dastardly war before a drop of northern blood is spilled. Let the Confederacy hear my rage, and rage I shall! Conditions will be harsh, but the North will come up superior, as we have the industries, the fuel, and the perseverance that the South, sadly, lacks. We have numbers that rival theirs one man to two. and the traitors will perish. Just as swiftly as they brought the wings of war upon us, we will have it gone within 90 days, if even that long. I will make Delaware proud, and put Wilmington on the map as the birthplace of the great Captain Stanton, bravest captain this war ever did see. My child and five stepchildren will grow up in prosperity, with a father who braved the treacheries of war to free others, and will grow up to see the end of, not only the war, but the slavery that caused it.
- Captain Stanton, 1861

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