Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Enlistment-Kaylee Terrell


I have decided to record my experiences within this diary, due to the fact that I have heard few of many brave tales of the soldiers whom have fought in wars and great battles, and have died heroic deaths. I wish to capture myself in this first entry, so if I die, I might lead a legacy. I am going to acknowledge the corn, slavery is one of the worst things our almighty nation has participated in. I am lucky enough to have grown up with my wise folks, Isabelle and Abraham Long. They have taught me not only in their opinion, but with God's. He has blessed me with my folks, and I know not everyone has been blessed with such, and I know many people in the South are letting the Devil lead them down the sinful path of owning people. Slavery is pulling apart our country, and it's important that the Union stays together, and slavery shall not accomplish that much. This is a main factor as to why I joined the war. My father is a history teacher, and he has told me many tales of our past, and I do not believe that the South has good motives as we did when we left England, and it's important that our country stays together or else we will be too weak and we might go through many other wars with many other countries.
                                                                                                           Isaac J. Long

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