Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Journal (Blog) of Corporal Thomas Ward Jr.-Enlistment Entry

I, Corporal Thomas Ward Jr, enlisted in the Union army last week on the day of my 21st birthday and have decided to chronicle the events of my (hopefully brief) military career. I have one goal: the abolition, once and for all. Slavery is morally wrong, and I intend to teach the traitors of the South that lesson, even if the only way they will learn is by artillery fire, naval blockades, scores of infantry and cavalry, devastating tactics, countless casualties, and impeccable strategy. If textbooks, chalkboards, and classrooms must be replaced with cartridge boxes, rifled muskets, and battles, so be it.
I come from the wonderful city of Boston, Massachusetts, where I have two anxious parents waiting for me, and I am leaving behind my wife Emily and baby boy Moses, named after the prophet who lead the Israelite out of bondage in Egypt. I pray he is not tasked with the same duty when he is fully grown; hopefully, abolition will be a bit quicker, but the metaphor still stands. My mother and father, may the Lord bless them, work as a nurse and newspaper editor respectively. They both despise slavery, and my dear father, Thomas Ward Senior, has devoted entire editions of his newspaper to it.
Then, after hearing accounts of the Battle of Fort Sumter and the treacherous secessionists, I joined president Lincoln's volunteer army. I will not rest until the sin of slavery is banished from the land or all who dare to support it have been sent to the deepest depths of Hell no matter what Lincoln says. My parents and wife were proud of my bravery when I told them I was to enlist, but they were also concerned about my well-being. In fact, my father pulled me aside while I was packing my bags. He asked me to keep a record of everything, and he gave me a printing press I could use to catalog the war in the form of a newspaper he would distribute to the people in the North seeking news from the front lines. My fellow Legionnaires and I plan to use his precious to the fullest extent, for we all understand Democracy dies in darkness. My comrades and I are prepared and willing to fight the greatest evil our nation has ever known with pen and sword. We have taken the name God's Legionnaires to affirm our devotion to the Lord and willingness to fight the sin of slavery. Victory to the Legion! Victory to the Union! Victory to God! Sanctus Abolitionem!

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