Monday, April 24, 2017

1863 Lee Seelig Corporal Thomas Ward Jr. Blog Entry

This is one of the songs from a musical I have been writing about General Lee himself. I am planning to call it 'Lee.' This song is called The Gettysburg Devastation.
Parody of the Adams Administration
[Thomas Ward Jr.:]
How does Robert Lee the soft spoken

Virginian General of the Johnny Rebs
Son of a dead war veteran
lose his invasion,
Destroy his reputation?
Welcome, folks, to

Gettysburg Pennsylvania!

The Rebels won at Chancellorsville, which makes Lee overconfident

Stonewall Jackson can't help you now, no more mister smart lieutenant.

Lincoln fires Gen’ral Hooker,
Publicly calls him “a reluctant disaster” in his taunts

Say what?!

Meade takes command with nonchalance
Sit down, Lee, you fat granny[*bleep*]!

Lee’s reached highwater, and small numbers take their toll!

This is great!
He's out of soldiers
He lost the battle
And we just split the Mississippi river, ending his chance of winning.

The general’s experienced, if somewhat lacking in his health.
As long as he holds a sword, he’s a threat.
He’s on the go; let’s keep him low.  

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