Friday, April 7, 2017

No one really knows what it's like being black at a time like this. Most white folks remember their childhood as having birthday parties and getting a puppy for Christmas. But for me it was working long and hard in the fields just waiting for the sun to go down. It was just me and mama I knew that ain't nobody but her was gon' stand up for me.

That's why now that I got the chance to stand up for my race. I'm gonna make sure that me and my brothers is gon' have a chance to be free. So my children and my grandchildren and all generations after that will have a chance to get what I never had.

Grown-up my mama was always mak'in sure that I was warm at night. She does give me her extra blanket. Now that I'm older and I have the chance I'm gonna make sure that we both have extra blankets. That's why it's so important for me to get back to philly. Maybe one day she won't have to clean houses no more, and I can get a nice job and provide for her so she can have a peaceful rest of her life. Cos' that's what all them white people do ain't it.

All these White people in the north don't like slavery. But non of em really know what it's like to hate it like a former slave does. But at least I know they gotta heart... hearts that want peace In our country. What's the point of having a constitution if you're not gonna follow all of em rules. All men are created equal? Yea right. I guess I just don't understand what's so hard bout know'in right from wrong and I don't understand what's so hard about realiz'in how much pain you put people in when you whip em till it just don't hurt no more... Cause there ain't no nerves no bones...

All I want is to go home and tell mama I love her. But also I want us both to know what it's like to be free from the chains of racism.

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