Monday, May 1, 2017

1864 - Jeannette

Bo Burnham - Make Happy - Parody
Now the war is done
I hope you didn't give up or
betray us and start to run

And if you fought this thing alone
you might not have died
but maybe a few times
you felt like you might go

But if you cried a bit
that's fair
but either way, could you find a little more time
to care for those who fell

On a scale from one to zero
did we really win?
Are we really the heroes?
did we really win?
I'm open to questioning
did we really win?
I guess the bloodshed's done now
did we really win?

I really wanna know if we won the war
and I think we even might've if we didn't leave off
with a bittersweet ending like
I'm owed some life
When, the yanks didn't, like, annihilate
all the young faces of the war
Wait, Oh god, I could've died

So if you know or even knew if
We had really won
On a scale from one to two now
Have we really won?
I guess our hands are red now
Have we really won?
Dear Constance, I made it
I guess we must've won

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