Monday, May 15, 2017

1865 blog

Dear mamma,

  How come no one knows how to cook!? Everyone's always whining and crying about being so hungry! They can't even make a little batch of hard tack! There's only three ingredients!

  All my troop has been pretty much depending on me to cook. They say I'm pretty good at it. I hunted some fish in a river and made a really good stew. Everyone told my it was amazing! Everyone was trying to get there hands on it, some people were even willing to pay!

  The funny thing is i'm pretty good at it, I might even want to start my own restaurant and get back. No really good ones Back in Philly. Well at least ones that allow black people...

  Miss you so much mamma, wars almost over and I'll be coming home soon!

  From, Harry

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