Monday, May 15, 2017


J-Jeannette - Host
S-Saumya - Contestant 3
M-Macey - Contestant 1
K-Kenny - Lights
Z-Zoe - Co-host
C-Cynthia - Wheel of Southern Misfortune

J: Hello! And welcome to…
All: Wheel of Southern Misfortune!!
Jeannette: Now we’re going to need two contestants…
J: *pulls out two envelopes**gives to Zoe*
Z: Contestant one is… General McClellan! Come on up
Z: Contestant two is… oh my, General Lee? Please come up
All: *make James come up* *if not tell him he signed a waiver*
C: *make the fairy lights go off* *I wanna seem super flashy and sarcastic*
J: This is a one time, live action episode. So please, everyone take your seats.
K: *turns lights off*
J: General McClellan! Are you ready to spin the wheel?
M: *some form of approval*
J: *Holds out bell*
C: *when you hear the bell ding, spin the wheel to the color chart* *you’ll have a flashlight I promise*
Z: President’s Proclamation frees all slaves in the North! Gain 100 points! Off to a strong start!
J: *sound super fake* Are you ready to spin, Lee? Don’t wanna seem like a coward do we? Plus, you signed a waiver.
C: *spin the wheel to color chart*
Z: awww! Darn! Union forces Win Chattanooga! Lose 100 points, bummer.
J: McClellan! Care to spin again?
M: *general approval* *dings bell*
C: *you know what to do by now*
Z: General Grant has replaced General McClellan! Oh my! What a turn of events! I General Grant with us today?
S: *Stand up*
J: Wonderful! Why don’t you take McClellan’s place? Thank you! 200 points the the north!
J: Lee? Are you ready? Why not take another shot? Maybe your luck will improve!! Who knows?
C: *spin the wheel*
Z: General Sherman takes Atlanta!, Woah! That’s a shame! Lose 500 points! Ouch
J: and why not give the North an extra 400, just for sherman's march! What a wonderful accomplishment!
J: Grant! I believe it is your turn! Care to spin?
S: *ding bell*
C: *spin wheel*
J: Lincoln Promises no Malice is his second inaugural address! Well isn’t that charitable! 300 bonus points for sheer kindness! He’s one of the best presidents this nation, as a whole, has ever seen! Wouldn’t you agree, General Lee?
James: *idk, will probably say something*
J: Shush! You really shouldn’t use your entire vocabulary in one sentence! Save some for your defeat! Anyhow, it is your turn, why don’t you see if your luck turns! Good Luck!
C: *spin the wheel*
Z: Oh goodness! Has Lee’s Army dissolved?
J: I suppose it must have! Saylor’s Creek, perhaps the last battle of the war, where over ⅓ of Lee’s troops surrendered! My my! This doesn’t seem to be fairing well for you! Minus 600 points!
J: Now, Grant, are you ready for your final spin?
S: *approval*
C: *spin wheel*
J: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated! Oh I don’t have the heart to go on! My heart weeps for the entire country! What a good president! 300 points to all!

J: That is the end of our show, and with an astounding amount of points, the winner is… THE UNION

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